Why choose MHMarkets?

Separate Storage of Funds 01

Separate Storage of Funds

Strictly separate all clients' trading funds from the company's operating funds and store them in different bank accounts, accepting the regulatory body's audit of traders' funds to ensure the safety and transparency of funds.

Secure Financial Operation 02

Secure Financial Operation

The advanced financial system automatically checks the identity information of the account holder and the withdrawal person, and the withdrawal can only be completed if the identity is consistent. In addition, MHMarkets has partnered with several professional auditing body to ensure financial clarity.

Safe and Convenient Deposit and Withdrawal 03

Safe and Convenient Deposit and Withdrawal

Convenient domestic withdrawal of RMB, with efficient automated process and multiple audits, and dedicated personnel to assist in follow-up.

Multiple Guarantees of Platform Funds 04

Multiple Guarantees of Platform Funds

The operation of the platform complies with relevant national legal requirements and internationally recognized financial standards. The trading environment is safe and transparent, and the transaction guarantee is solid and reliable.

Provide quality one-stop financial services for global investment enthusiasts.

Rich and diverse investment products provide traders with more choice space.

The world's first-class financial team provides traders with more accurate trading analysis and real-time strategy.

Globalized cooperation network, providing traders with a more secure and transparent trading environment.

About Us

The trading platform MHMarkets is a financial temple with unlimited trading opportunities. Over the years, it has always been committed to integration and innovation, leading the development of the trading industry. As a pioneer in the industry, we continue to promote the dual innovation of technology and service, provide traders with a full range of trading options, meet different trading preferences and risk tolerance in order to help traders find potential profits.

About Us

Average Execution Speed <30ms

By optimizing the trading execution system, you can quickly issue trading orders and help you accurately capture market opportunities.

One Account Connects Global Financial Markets

With our infrastructure around the world, you can easily participate in global financial markets and gain more options.

Data Transmission Stability up to 98.75%

Ultra-high-speed dedicated line independent servers are deployed around the world, with ultra-low latency aggregation and quote optimization engines to reduce the risk of data loss and latency.

24/7 Customer Service

The 24-hour call center is on standby with a professional customer service team to answer any questions you may have.

International Top Liquidity Advantages

MHMarkets has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with a number of top international banks, and provides competitive market spreads by aggregating bank quotes through FIX (Financial Information Exchange Protocol), allowing you to easily enjoy ultra-low trading costs.

With 1,000+ orders processed per second and execution speed as low as 30ms, it helps you trade accurately and reduce risks.

Provision of Bank Direct Trading Accounts

MHMarkets provides clients with a variety of bank direct trading accounts to ensure the best liquidity and trading experience during the trading process.

Through the no-trader platform mode, you can directly access to real-time streaming quote portals from over 20 of the world's top banks and liquidity providers, with open and transparent trading prices, providing convenience for your trading.

Provision of Bank Direct Trading Accounts




Bank of America

Bank of America

Barclays Bank PLC

Barclays Bank PLC





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